„Togetherness”, a new release by guitar player Szymon Mika, surprises listeners with elegant mix of genres and musical conventions. The combination of musicians’ jazz-folk roots, lyrical vocals performed by Barbara Derlak, and Mika’s evocative compositions results in an album that’s highly melodic, yet at the same time smartly unpredictable. Trio known from previous Mika recording (Max Mucha – bass, Ziv Ravitz – perkusja) is accompanied not only by vocalist but also piano (Mateusz Pałka) and hurdy-gurdy (Joachim Mencel). Although the individual style of each musician leaves a visible mark on every piece, it’s still the togetherness of playing and continuity of story told on Mika’s new album that remain primary. Musical inspirations derived from traditional sources are combined here with very modern sound approach. Album has been recorded in Monochrom Studio (Poland, Bystrzyckie Mountains) and mixed in Switzerland (Basel).